Summer sonatina is successful but above average (Successful, Above Average)


Polly’s style is, at most, pianossimo. It is interpreted as forte at classroom setting. Mistakenly improvised by “copiers” and admirer at home, literally mezoforte online.

Jack’s minuet is flirting with modern composers from Brahms to while containing vertical alignment with antiquity due to his academic teacher in Miami. Don’t be reactive to his dancing style. In his age, most of us will sideway. I warn you, don’t sit hard on him, neither. Remember I played minuet, it is extremely forte for pianists to be a dancer.
Jack Johnson’s style is menuet. My eye is open and wet, as I watch him play. As if he is playing for me.
“For us, Paul played”. What a hearthrob. If I am young, I will play for him. Paul used to play from memory, this time he still played from memory with a score in front of him.
Polly’s favorite is in the class. It must be Kelly, the counterpoint of tenor, or it must be Sue, the rising star. Or it must be Ed.
Tchaikvosky arrive late in downtown Monday morning while I am on Yankee trail on way to Albany. I waved at her behind the window as she wears a stylish clothes with running shoes as if she is going to the court  or church. Alex, Kelly, Barbara, see you in moonlight.

Sonatina Kids from Mulliton to Lucy are well programmed before each concert and master class is more a reflection of the current student’s achievement year by year.


One Response to “Summer sonatina is successful but above average (Successful, Above Average)”

  1. Feng Says:

    Overall great. very composed in master class.

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