new yorker


Art deco inspired art exhibition. Bruce Carrington “Tropical art deco motif collection” captures the various shapes, forms and designs created by notable art deco architects during 1920 to 1940 era. Gary Dean Mercer Clark: The Miami Beach Art deco color palette of florals, pinks, pastels and bright cheery hues has influenced his photography. Luca Artoll : “Artdeconsturntion is amazing series of photes that offers Miami, an absolutely unexpected and original vision of art deco District. Mary Beth Koeth’s portraits of craft a local icon that is also part of Miami Beach. Ruben Consa’s floral sculptures made of steel, aluminum and JImmy’s wooden replicas of Art deco hotels. In daily art deco tour in Miami Beach, a lot of folk artists or street performers have the similar craftsmanship. For example, an art deco painter in Lincoln Road, whose name is unknown, has a very good sense of light and color. Several paintings has been auctioned and very secretive at the same time. Another example is an artist who is a stranger to most, but a dear friend in the heart. A residential  artist who is so talented and kind to people she know.


3 Responses to “new yorker”

  1. Feng Says:

    This series will be on display soon on Ocean drive from 12th street to Lincoln road. I obeserved there are a few artists and a few pieces attracting eyeball of female patrons.

    • fzheng01 Says:

      Let me know and think about this master piece on Ocean Drive. The origal site of the gift shop is at Art deco welcome center near 10th street. Then there is a gift shop next to Versace’s mansion by a group of artists from Lincoln Road.

  2. fzheng01 Says:

    This series should be continued until we are preparing art deco.

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