Important message from the North



Important message from the North

Piano Roles

Today marks the first day of Summer Sonatina International Piano Camp. I’ve been very quiet lately but not because I haven’t been busy doing things related to piano. It’s just that there’s so much to do behind the scenes!

44 pianists arrive today from all over the world. A staff (for this week) of 16, a sports director, a chef as well as an administrator, round out the number of people who are involved with camp this week. At precisely 1:00pm our doors open. I’m still scurrying about doing last minute things.

Summer Sonatina is held in our house (see blog post titled 25 Reasons Why My House is Piano-User Friendly) and there was lots to prepare, including: moving lots of furniture, assembling 40 bunk beds, ordering thousands of dollars of music, cleaning every nook and cranny, erecting a 40′ by 40′ tent, setting up 7 picnic tables, getting the…

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