What is news…


What is news

August is sunny, not boring. This is not news, better than news.

Sonatina open everywhere including Miami Beach. Early I saw some sonatina alumni on the beach(South beach of Florida). I like the idea of the direction of summer sonatina student who took after a summer of activity in the mountain. Some of them continue their study in Europe and becomes the friend of the School. Others maybe stay in the US, Florida is a good choice because its diverse international surrounding. Not far from Europe by air, at the center of South America culture, on the north, there is Atlanta, the southern capital of United states, on the south, there is Atlantic Ocean, the art and culture will take you all over the world in South American to the Paris of Argentina.”When Versace bought a deteriorated tenement on Ocean Drive in 1992, tranformed it into a figure of opulence and called it home, the increasingly obvious: South beach had arrived. Embraced by a selected few, the most celebrated street, undulated with sultriness and whimsy. Models on Rollerbladers sped along the sea wall, portfolios in their hand. One by one, pastel art deco hotels is being PRESERVED. Ibiza-style nightclubs proliferated. And Miami’s Latin feel offered the ultimate mixer. Much has changed on the prime stretch including the mansion’s fortunes. In 1997, as he left the font steps of his palace, his mansion is aesthetically intact, it is foundering. Considered one of the country’s most expensive homes, the mansion was put on the market in June of last year for $125 million, it was later in Bankruptcy proceedings,


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