How can we slow down?


Wait is the slogan we used a lot during our art deco weekend festival. On contrary to speed up, how to slow down is so different to decode in modern age. Technology advanced in Hyperloop physics could have a hint. Slowing aging and fountain of youth are top consideration for sports professions. On monday sport, it is reported yankee have no way to slow down it aging against time or rivalry. In business world, strawberry is making deals to save its enterprise in the near future. On a day of free time, as an artist, I would like to explore these connections.

My Amazing Brat(You ..) from Feng on Vimeo.


One Response to “How can we slow down?”

  1. Feng Says:

    a fitness training prepare you to a temple of well-beings, create a place to live and into amazing shape by men’s health and fitness style. interesting…

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