This year or not today by August sonata


music for brainscore_50823August is the month of important ritual in History. Augusto is hall of fame in Golf sports. kind of appreciate of the Locals who provide opportunities to practice some grand piano at Historical landmark place in Miami Beach. For example, I play Bach piece at Loewes Hotel. It is quite interesting to watch pianist playing. I observe the play by ear and read the score after. It is difficult to read the score since the quote or edtion are old fashioned. The anoymous piece by “you can wear/have your hat on” is simlar to last year’s “my amazing brats“, or very simlar to “you dirty rat“. It isn’t a top piece but worth a award for efforts and A+.
tao of music told us sound psycology. And I told everyone to slow down. Slowing down is getting notice everywhere including Aisa and pacific. US is beautiful because of promoting it in deco?


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One Response to “This year or not today by August sonata”

  1. zap9buri/feng Says:

    Today is a very strange. I played piano at Loews Hotel then go on playing pinao at Plams Hotel. I practice piece from memory because the score is not available. Most of German pieces from Bach’s compatriots. For example, In C by Theorist Kernberg

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