In deal, A new investment by smith report(


The article is titled “A new divestment focus: fossil fuels. About “sex”, an artile is about ” the sex life of birds, and why it is important”. A movie is called “putting the sex in the homosexuality”. (New fest of gay films opens at Lincoln Center— Amid the euphoria follwoing the supreme courts striking down the denfense of marriage act, allowing married gay and lesbian couple to enjoy federal benefits granted to wedded heterosexuals, one word tha remains seldom heard is “sex”. Sex, as sexual orientation. Yes, sexual as in sexual equality. yes, but the thing it self.



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  1. feng Says:

    Interns will assist in a wide range of operations and responsibilities geared towards furthering their understanding of the performing arts industry from a management perspective. Duties may include but are not limited to organizing and mailing publicity materials; maintaining distribution lists and route books; assisting with correspondence; organizing materials for booking conferences; compiling box office ticket sales reports for past performances; and additional responsibilities as deemed necessary and appropriate. Interns will be challenged to the utmost of their ability and are expected to discuss their progress, questions and concerns on a weekly basis with supervisors. To apply, send a resume and cover letter to: talent agent business development booking

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