How can we slow down?—-second chance


The tao told us that sound psychology and I told everybody to slow down. Piano literacy is really getting notice and wide attentions from as far as Asia and Pacific. In US, educators are promoting literacy in classroom.
The second time I am having a soup du jour—-tortilla soup with pumpkin spices. The reason of slowing down is not easy to understand but simply stated: it is too fast at this age of aerospace. History is a map which show us the direction… quoted by a famous scholar and politician. I say, history is mirror, we see ourself in history. Too much water is not a good thing at all. Water can prevent from fire but also…bring calamity.

The audience is no more smart than students and they have to be educated as well as instructed. This is the hardest lesson we have learnt. In essence, the tao of music is about the beauty of giving, not giving back, per ser. Sonatinas certainly understood this and sonata is not fully aware of this.

On news, In Quake-Prone Israel, Public Is Advised to Take Cover, This Time Outside.

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