How to choose a new piece from collections for piano students?


Back in Vermont last year I had a master plan to play some interesting pieces for sonata audience. Most of the pieces are not approved by the teacher (Polly). The first one I want to play is a song in C. It was originally a school song of Tsinghua Univeristy I attended during my undergraduate studies in China. I showed the piece to Polly, she improvised in a lower registered and sounds fabulous. Later I realized this piece is the reason I started ear training (aura skill) when I start to learn this year. The second one I played is a Scottish  song named Auld Lang Syne (Old friends). It is used in movie titled Waterloo Bridge. It is very popular in China since the movie is popular. Anyway, I played this for the master class since its rhythm is very easy on the ear and F chord is easy to recognize and I had no difficulty showing the piece but had a hard time to play it in correct meters before audience. Thus Polly suggested why not figure a way to do it. I promised I will work on it but until this month I am working on it. Of course the third piece is called minuet, a very good piece to play and a very ordinary one as well. The last one is a piece I am working on from a piano book called progressive piano. This is the part I am really have some interests.


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