American master composer series: Capriccio, D minor Op. 116 (Brahms’ version)


“Dick is going to play No.7 for us.”  Dick is the No. 3 to play on the first day of June. Let me remind us again. American composer series starts with Leslie. “It is the third piece tonight like this” commented by polly. “I want ‘me’ to be a little angry at me, be at my face, I don’t say fast, Listen, you rush your left hand. good, great,OK, so much better. I still felt it pedal too much.”

The psychology of sight reading is that it is about memories. Short term memories is as important as long term memories; “you had your moments before, the second ending and calm down. Yes, we feel we are at the heaven. The next section is constantly sixteenth, no pedal, much quiet, a little sinuous, it sounds like something is happening, enjoy the moments, each one. I move my hand right away.” Polly sings; Dick composes the song for Brams.


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