American woman composer series: Prelude No. 3 by Cindy (Valenti’s version or VAN DER LINDE )


“What draw you to this piece?” Polly asked Cindy. “It is alto line.” “Do you find the opening difficult at all? then it goes to the tenor line.”(The top five lines = the treble. The bottom five lines = the bass clef. The middle five lines = the alto clef. The tenor clef stave is one line down from the alto clef )

“Let me hear the 5 bar again?” Polly asked again. Let me remind us who Cindy is. Cindy is a prodigy of sonatina, she came back to sonata after becoming a teacher. “She is as important as Rosemond.” Once upon a time, Rosemond asked me to define the word: prodigy after she asked me to define the music term such as time signature. I answered that I read the book, Cindy is one of the prodigy in the book. Rosemond answered  that she is in the book, so is Polly’s father. I answered that he is great. After the play, Leslie asked if the composer is still alive, Polly answered I had no clue at all.


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