American female composer series: Bonnie Fairchild

Bonnie Fairchild came to Sonata earlier than anybody I knew. Bonnie taught me about sight-reading as well although Polly is my sight-reading teacher. Bonnie said two most important things to me. The first one is an advice to everybody. “This is how Polly and I learn piano by sight-reading, I understand that well however she forget to mention that they also have very good ear training at an early age.
The other thing she taught is extremely valuable in my career as a concert pianist in Miami Beach. I learned it in a hard way. The first term at Piano is a book wrote by Bela Bartok. I learnt it in two folds, the first fold is musical, the second is explicit and subtle. Bonnie Fairchild is as classical as other Bs(Beethoven, Brams, Bach)

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