American female composer series: Cindy 2012

I got to know Cindy by Serendipity. Cindy has traveled to south America as she told at the dinner table in Vermont. I am fascinated by her story as an adventurer to the south since most female composers in this serie are from the south except Bonnie and Cindy.
I got to know more about Cindy as I played a piece that she was going to play in the concert. She is happy with my style of playing while I loved the melody. She comments to others that Feng has a funky style in playing this piece. I am so glad that she said so and I remember it so well that I think I will not forget that. I will always remembered Cindy when I play minuet in the concert. She is a muse to me as if she is Kirnberger, the pupil of J.S Bach.

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