American “female” composer series: David

David Amor is a fine person I knew in the sonata group although I do not knew too much about him. The reason I put him in this group is very truthful to piano playing. Once upon a time we are the dinner table of Polly’s living room. Polly is joking about her daily struggle with calcium intake because of bone issue. I laughed since Jack has bone density problem as well. Then we talked about art, science and then the topic of breast cancer awareness. David and I both agreed that men have the breast cancer issues, it is not just a female problem. By the way, Amor is a word of Latin: it means love, or to love. Everybody in Sonata group was fascinated by a movie with the same name at the beginning of 2013 season. It is a theme of this year’s program.
David played the opening piece in June for many times. He is also a good singer and composer in residence in June. Jack, Leslie and David are the musicians in our times. This year he played in another sonata group and I was very glad that he still attends.

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