Back to playing piano


Paint with the pastels what a pretty name. Polly acclaimed that this is her favorite. On the second half of the final concert, Polly said, it is time to go back to piano, I wondered that it is time to go back to piano playing.
At home, I am having a blast. Many cousins are arriving this weekend.

Why does he play so fast? That is the comment I heard during Josh’s étude of Chopin. This piece was also played by Gavin two year ago.{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252


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  1. Back to playing piano | Decorative Art Says:

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  2. fzheng01 Says:

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    When I cruise the live broadcast, I am not surprised a lot of newbies are online betting the last escape.

  3. fzheng01 Says:

    Many Chinese are leaving for cleaner air, better school, and more opportunity, but Beijing keep an eye on them

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