Three stories, one Norman Rockwell and two dialogues


In NY times Thursday edition, an article  about “Composer in residence”. Contents is as followed: One hundred years after his birth, Benjamin Britten has been firmly propelled into the canon through his acceptance by major opera companies and orchestras. But what has fed and continue to feed the fire of interest is the attractiveness of his works to young musicians, and particularly young singers. It is because he had been embraced by conservatories that he has truly entered the musical bloodstream. The Julliard School—under the auspices of its annual songfest program, devoted each year to a different composer—celebrated Britten’s centennial on Tuesday evening at Alice Tully Hall. While Brian Zeger, who oversees the school’s voice program, provided sensitive, sensual piano accompaniment throughout, his artistic direction was questionable. The performance, though often eloquently sung, was undermined by some silly gestures, silly accents and an imbalance program.

“Three Rockwell Classics bring nearly $57.8 million”

“Sorry, I can’t hear you, I have an artist in my ear.’

“Let the red carpet roll”

Award seasons begins.


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