A child is innocent: smell like iris flower, chase like a bank


My childhood is an advanced art to communicate since it has its way to talk to others. It is rarely innocent when a child starts a conversation, the implication of their messages is far from straightforward and has more than it appears. It is usually dark at the beginning then becomes cooperative. In fact they want to know the consequence before results will come. Right before coming, it will ask again in case the reply is different.

Chapter boys is always boy: conversation with a rebellious kid
Techniques is vital when a boy is talking, listening and engaging is important. Once a nephew told me that his mother is useless and he won’t talk to her even it is about themselves. He argued that if he told her about me, it will be over.
Chapter sex and virtues or lust and caution
The start of feeling love and at the beginning it is not about sex at all. It is conditional …Fend Zheng


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