Art deco(装饰主义)


Is your first grader college ready? What is college? To Madison Comer, a confident 6 year old, it is a very big place. Mock application in first grade, campus tours in fifth. And what is college? It is someplace where you go to get your career. The age old question is what do you want to be when you grow up? Forget meandering, the message now is about goals and focus. It is sort of like, if you want your kids to be in the Olympics or to have the chance to be in the Olympics, you don’t wait until your kid is 17 and you start when they are 6 or 7. 

“Credit President Obama and the Common Core Standards for putting the college and career ready mantra on the lips of k-12 educators across the country. Or blame a competitive culture that has turned wide-open years of child hood into a checklist of readiness skills. Whatever the reason, the fact remains it has hit the playground set.”

It is after all about money: the “big” money. Back to the theme of Art Deco, I realize that music is Art Deco. A tour with a twist, tango or anything goes.

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