U.S. Economy growth just .2% in first quarter. Leverage loan …As that process went on in 2013 and 2014, industry data showed many of the largest U.S. banks were still doing loan deals that appeared to be outside the bounds the agencies had set. The 2014 Shared National Credit Review, issued in November, identified “serious deficiencies” in how banks were managing their leveraged loan portfolios. Under the new process, the regulators would still issue a public report once a year, but they would do a broad, national “deep dive” into banks’ major loan books twice—once around February and once around September…
Slow growth in China according to dean of Tuck college at Dartmouth University. GDP growth in q1 met expect ion of new normal and Silk Road fund is in effect. “Beijing has never made a secret of its belief in checkbook politics, and in recent years it has spent vast sums in pursuit of its regional ambitions: $40 billion for a Silk Road Fund to develop trade through Central Asia, $41 billion to lead a development bank with Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa. China’s latest venture is the $50 billion Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which is supposed to provide financing for some of the $8 trillion in projects that the Asian Development Bank estimated the region needs this decade. ”       According to “yesterday” and Michelle of CNBC.


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