A English.class 2


Words from French language and piano

Pianissimo fortissimo adagio sostenuto

Demographers have known for some time that the number of people in India would surpass the number in China, the two populous countries in the world. But they did not anticipate that the change would happen so quickly.

The United States reported on Wednesday that india’s population will probably surpass China’s by 2022, not 2028, as the organization had forcast just two years ago.

In its 2015 revision report, the population division of the United Nations department of economics and social affair said China’s population was now 1.38 billion, compared with 1.31 billion in India. But in seven years, the populations of both are expected to reach 1.4 billion.

Thereafter, the report said, India’s population will grow for decades, to 1.5 billion in 2030 and 1.7 billion in 2050, while China’s is expected to remain fairly constant until 2030s, when it is expected to slightly decrease.


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