Should all university students be required to take basic science courses?


In my opinion, it is required that at least physics, chemistry, biology, and geology is included in student’s university plan. first of all, university should institute requirements that students must take a a variety of courses, including introductory science courses, in order to graduate because many professions deal with some aspect of science. For example, a globalization world put more pressure on today’s graduate, they will be left behind if they don’t wear multiple clothes besides his or her major. Not to mention to compete with Asian for ever decreased pool of jobs.

Secondly many courses is already mixed science knowledge and it is ridiculous for professor to teach without ample science knowledge of subject. On the same level, it is extremely difficult for them to select any course with purely none-science contents. The students survive well if they take and learn some basic science course. It is absurd to say it will harm them or it means students will have less time to study courses directly related to their major if they take basic science course.

To conclude, we ask students to be selective but inclusive in course design in order to meet global demand and survive his or her university life.

Multiple choice answers, please select one


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