A Life in Traffic


a subway system is expanded to provide service to a growing suburb. A bike-sharing program is adopte to encourage nonmotorize transportation. Stopligh timing is coordinated to allievate rush hour traffic jams in a congested downtown area. When any one of these changes occurs, it is likely the result of careful analysis conducted by transportation planners.

The work of transportation planners generally includes evaluating current transportation needs, assessing the effectiveness of existing facilities, and improving those facilities or designing new ones. Most transportation planners work in or near cities, but some are employed in rural areas. Say, for example, a large factory is built on the outskirts of a small town. Traffic to and from that location would increase at the beginning and end of work shifts. The transportation planner’s job might involve conducting a traffic count to determine the daily number of vehicles traveling on the road to new factory. If analysis of the traffic count indicates that there is more traffic than the current road can efficiently accommodate, the transportation planners might recommend widening the road to add another lane.

Transportation planners work closely with a number of community stakeholders, such as government officials and other interested organizations and individuals. For instance, representativs from the local public health department might provide input in designing a network of trails and sidewalks tomencouragempeople to walk more…

People who purse careers in transportation  planning have …

Transportation planners performs critical work within the broader field of urban and region planning. As of 2010, there were approximately 40,300 urban and regional planner employed in the United States. The bureau of labor statistics forecasts steady job growth in this field, projecting that 16…

1 which choice best maintain the sentence pattern already established in the paragraph 



4.which choice results in the most effective transition to the information that follows in the paragraph




8.the writer is considering deleting the underlined sentence. Should the sentence be kept or deleted?



11.which choice complete the sentence with accurate data based on the graph?


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