A room with a view


On a sunny day, I took a long hike in the school, discovering some cozy garden near a lake, which suits the “picture”. There is mountainous building in front of the lake, faraway there are hills in the background. A book titled a room with view is on my bucket list; reading is not my strength. A novel is always a big project and an autobiography will be too tedious. Among my favorite genres is science fiction. The reason I like science fiction is that I am impressed by the imaginative storytelling and sometime outlandish tale. 

A catcher in the rye is Salinger’s alto-ego in full display. Although it is hailed as one of best by critics, Salinger himself seemed puzzled about it and even show doubts about its possible adaptation to screen or stage. In his novel, Holder keeps a lot of feelings to himself so he can hold a positive social image to readers. This has an autobiographical element in it: the writer “confused” himself with the character intentionally. In short, Salinger is a master of narcissistic accounts of his younger self.

Recently I am amused by the acting of Kevin Spacy in drama series house of cards. In it, the actor displayed an incredible amount assemblence to American politics. Kevin is a congressman who happened to able to whip the votes to gain vast majority in political process. He is so vividly in action or at rest that I personally admire his scandalous tactics and blatant persuasion. 


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