Coming soon to Facebook…


A new bottom for “dislike” by Vindu Goel

SAN FRANCISCO Facebook’s famous “like” button, with its silhouette of an upturned thumb, will soon be accompanied by an alternative: a way to “dislike” a post. On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s co-founder and chief executive, said that Facebook was “very close to shipping a test” of a dislike botton. He suggested that the new button would probably be more nuanced than a simple thumbs-down option. His comments nevertheless raised the possibility that Facebook, the world’s largest forum for self-expression, could soon become a less friendly place. Mr. Zuckerberg said as he announced the project during a town-hall- style discussion with users at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters. But Facebook users(there are now 1.5 billion, the company says)have long requested a way to express negative  emotions or empathy with something sad or posted on the social network, he said. The prospect of anew dislike button has been polarizing among Facebook users.  

 Atiq Haneef of Parkistan commented on an online version of this article on the Facebook page of The New York Times. But Roger Anderson, a former government microbiologist wrote, Debra Aho Williamson, a social media analyst at the research firm eMarketer, said that it was difficult to imagine a single button that could convey the complex range of negative emotions someone might want to express in response to a Facebook post.

Twitter’s expanded ‘buy’ button is offered to millions of vendors

After two year of testing, Twitter is now making it easy for millions of merchants to sell products through tweets. The social network announced on Wednesday that its buy button would be available to any merchant in the United States that uses one of the three major e-commerce platforms- Demandware, Bigcommerce and Shopify-to run its online shopping operation. Clients of those platforms can use the software to post a link on Twitter to a product and the link will show up with a buy button.


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