Art section by know it, love it, repeat


   Phish began its semi-regular New Year’s run at Madison square Garden on 29th, the first of its four straight nights of shows there. The concerts see sold out. If you don’t have a ticket and don’t follow phish, it means that you’ll see excitable, woodsy-looking men with beards in Midtwon bars before and after. The concert will no other way affect you. (They do not intersect with contemporary aesthetics or dynamic social.

   If you have a ticket or in, you enter. Phish has been running since. Its concert have become markers in fans lives, no matter whether they are mundane or special. And all the details of the concerts take on their own narratives, myths and rituals, as within a fictional universe.

  Which is to say that no action on stage or in the audience stands alone; everything is under stood in relation to the biography of its repetition and variation. Knowing what to do and how to react at a phish concert is a kind of soothing fantasy version of life, in which everything is documented and yet memory is rewarded, the unexpected arrives at knowable junctures, and the old gang never goes away.

On the first set:

The second set included a longish bathtub gin, with a couple



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