SAT series: college debt crisis is even worse than you think.


They are not graduating. What type of college are they going and why are they going. The answer is a public college(综合大学), increasing private colleges(文理学院). The problem is under appreciated. Most family help our children have a better life and especial Spanish families. They know what are they getting into.  Our system is still based the same. The four year college and the two year community college are the way to go. Because it often got financial trouble in private colleges, but public college has a systematic  problem with credits and questions about reputation. Some college are trying to reform and the principal knew these issues. Like a mortgage, studentloans should be transparent.

For example, they are loans which are subsidied by government, the plus loan by the colleges who fill the gap, and private loan on top of that. By Neil Swidey of Boston 


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