Why we all need a minuet in Scotland?


Is Boris Johnson trying out for PM role? Former London mayor Boris Johnson spoke Friday about the results of Britain voting to exit the EU. It is not suprising that the PM won’t be the commander in chief. David Cameron is ready to resign as U.S. Future is down. The impact of brexit(脱欧盟成员国)will be a series of followers such as Spain, Netherlands, and possible Germany. That is why we need a minuet to listen and a minuet to Trump. 
Gop has stomach problem and house speaker calls sit in. Would gun reform or new gun laws pass a house vote? According to Castro brother(representativs from Texas), it is a publicity stunt. Because they won’t even want to start the process, sadly there would be another one if we did not have the courage to follow the leaders in the world. 


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