Should biologists stop grouping us by race?


About the possible bid for Vice President,  Warren is in. Clinton is collecting support from ally, colleagues, friends and possible sing natures from fellow republican. I predict That Warren will be her top choice if not this term. According to anonymous sources, Warren is great at going after Trump. Elizabeth Warren appeared Monday with Hillary on the campaign trail in Ohio, and the panel ask why Warren is the last to support the president. What happened in Ohio is neither goofy or crooked.

Pocohontas(porcorhortas), means Native American or Cherokee in context. After Warren emerged as adversary, Browns and trump accused her ancestry. The chance of an ancestor not making it to a descendant is greater when ancestors are from multiple population groups. 

Surrogate means having ancestral roots in Africa. Early on a study find that European genome is 4 percent African. A black American often has important white gene variants. It is time to move on.


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