Hillary’s life so far I


As presumptive presidential candidate in U.S., no one expect her to be in the Oval Office. Male dominated society has been cruel for female, not to mention the dirty politics attack and scandals which surfaced online. As First Lady, she visited Asian and pacific region, however she was timid in foreign policies and muted on many key issues considering her baggages and her husband’s role. As a family woman, she is amazing and role model for many mothers. It should attribute to her early experiences and her role as secretary.

Probably many colleges view her as tenacious in terms of her work and relations with Donald trump or Bernie sanders. However she is right from a empathetic view.

“The filing is completely meritless. Just as in all prior elections in which the consent decree was in effect, the RNC strictly abides by the consent decree and doesn’t take part directly or indirectly in any efforts to prevent or remedy vote fraud. Nor do we coordinate with the Trumpcampaign or any other campaign or party organization in any efforts they may make in this area. The RNC remained focused on getting out the vote.”


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