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The art of piano

April 27, 2017

Asian in Hollywood are fighting whitewashing and what we are studying are actually the art of teaching. Across the country and entertainment, few Asian actors made out in LA, we are actually in the heart of Shanghai art expo. During the world expo, a lot of antiques are displayed in the museum.


the title of today/the art of piano

April 20, 2017

Back to Ashley, forward to Walter, we are thinking about our limits, not just limitation. As we going forward, it is important to slow down although it is also important to acceleration? Our limits is the best; we can be perfect or together if necessary.

today I understand one piece of information about how President Obama left white house and how President Donald Trump become an experience politician. Through speech, we understand the limits of ourself. Through speech therapy, we understand the art of language including drama, theatre and public speaking.

Mens fit underwear rocks!

April 19, 2017

Ryan Wright's Underwear Model Page

So I thought it might be cool to get a shot done at home, It was raining on the gold coast. so I had Russell (who was over for lunch) take a shot in my new Mens Fit underwear

Hope you enjoy

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My “expdiencephalic” in Suzhou

April 9, 2017

I have been here for more than 5 months. My teaching physics to senior students here is so much more exciting. Students are more keen in study. And they are more curious of of learning SAT. But their idea of oversee life is in contrast with their attitude toward school. In an idea situation, the atmosphere is constructive, the setting is complete and the supervision is well-done.