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March 30, 2018

In today, a show about healthcare bill is on. People from Midwest are traveling through Route 66 in the transcontinental movement. The summer is coming finally. 

The faces of Heath care’s uncertain future, as senator republican retool their bill, it isn’t easy for the average to determine how they might benefit or lose. Those with much at stake in the health care debate are coping with anxiety over what’s to come.

The president’s personal attact on Mika was perhaps the most caustic insult he has publicly hurled at another American since taking office. It also distracted the country from trump’s legislative agenda and added another point to the argument that he treated woman differently.


In name of the people

March 30, 2018

昨天回到了《人民的名义》。复习了电和科学家以及电视和颜色以及金和银以及近似眼是怎样一回事或者讲讲art and建筑。

The art of piano

March 30, 2018

回到了杨伶,杨伶是一个懂得艺术的人,而且非常八卦,经常到校长办公室工作很受妈妈的喜爰,但是绝对不可以碰到, 像walter一样, 十分小心谨慎, 但是不像我的学生或者校长那样平易近人,校长十分懂得体察民心而且十分关心,怎么能像他们那样无法无天,be myself,be yourself,为了能够达到这一点。

Mountain top

March 30, 2018

as I merged in to the life of everyday men and women, a feeling of above in my blood “burst” out.