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Can democracy survive global capitalism

April 13, 2018

Recently trade war with China makes some farmers, including some fortune 500 company, “uncomfortable”. Authors Robert Kuttner talks about the escalating trade dispute between U.S. and China and the possible consequce. He quotes facts since Clinton era about U.S. good will to invite China to join the global market, including joining WTA. He points that the China trade war is double edge. In his book, he connect the rise of capitalism to the far right of East Europe. Democracy cannot survive low empolyment on one side, the other side gloablization overturn the power of left.
But it is form of economic cooperation with capitalism, in entire west, Democracy balance capitalism before 70s. What happens in 70s, 80s? People lose confidence in elites and econmics is twice average, however, people feel more unsecure. In europe the refuggee issue on most case, even in U.S, polictical center leaders pardon foreign immigrants but has to consdier domestic outcry for unemployment.