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December 22, 2019



Hong Kong Art Deco

December 22, 2019



August 31, 2019


Andrew yang’s slogan–humanity first

August 25, 2019

Who is this Andrew? This guy was born in a wealthy Chinese American family even though his parents are both immigrant. 

His slogan brought an impression—a copy of American first by Donald Trump.

A Yellowstone eruption would be like nothing humanity has ever experienced.

In fact, he felt humanity’s evolution was so rare that we could replay the tape of life a million times and we wouldn’t see anything like Homo sapiens arise again.

China-us trade talks on track

August 24, 2019

1,北京’handling of Hongkong issue

2,china plans to build shenzhen social demonstration city
3recent us arms sales to Taiwan

4.escalation of trade tension

Rival opinions in the U.S. against China. 

5. Depreciation of Chinese RMB


August 12, 2018

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August 9, 2018

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August 9, 2018

深圳富源英美学校 地址及来校路线:






The pitfall of duo

July 13, 2018

LIZ: I was fortunate to grow up in a family of music-lovers. My mother, aunts, and sisters are all talented and became accomplished at their instruments. My first instrument was actually the violin, but I switched to the piano at the age of six and instantly fell in love. Shortly after that I was accepted into Emilio del Rosario’s studio and during my teenage years, I also studied with Theodore Edel, the late Chun-Myung Kim, and Vladimir Leyetchkiss. My love for the piano teamed with the encouragement and support of my musical family and exceptional teachers definitely inspired me to pursue a career in music.


GREG: My parents hoped for well-rounded children and encouraged us to each take a year of piano lessons when we turned eight. I studied with my first teacher for a few months before switching to the sensational Kim Craig, based in St. Paul, MN. I worked with Kim for ten years before attending The Juilliard School for college. By the time I was in junior high, Kim would work with me intensively for hours every week—sometimes as many pianists and composers. Thus I realized that many duos are not “perfect” or musicion.

Title: Second Shift

July 12, 2018