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October 20, 2017

A beautiful dream

October 20, 2017

May is a beautiful girl. She is brave and she had down syndrome. It is unknown who is a student or who is the teacher. She likes singing and swimming. She is a good writer and she is also a good swimmer. She likes everyone. She is hardworking. She cares about her friends. She is a writer. I think she is a good friend. It is unknown why she come to China. She knows me and she knows Peter. She likes indian food. She is a very good person.


October 13, 2017




October 13, 2017

无论是数学生物还是物理,实验技巧虽不及chemisty, there is something common in understanding the apparatus used in these disciplines. 而apparatus是指:
An integrated group of materials or devices used for a particular purpose:
For example, an experiment design requires the person who are doing the tasks according to rules.

Hurricane, stormy weather and longing

October 8, 2017

Besides stress I still feel a little down more than before. I keep a good attitude toward to the subject I am teaching. By focusing on the problems and issues I faced. Some of them are minor issues. Some of them are not so trivial. I once watched the movie eat pray and love, the meaning is now understood.

Middle age crisis and love

September 27, 2017

When I arrive at this school, I am half the way to the my middle age. I am puzzled by my lost contact with old friends and reality. Traditionally I am a very goal-oriented person and know what I want and I don’t. But not this time. I met this guy who is younger than me and knew more than me. He is very good looking and friendly with most people I knew. I cannot find a shortcoming or anything negative about him since I became picky these days. I really confused with this friendly love with other things.

The art of teaching

September 16, 2017

How to teach physics in English? I started it in a private school in Beijing. Students are motivated to learn but not quick enough. It is just the knowledge which is too dry. How to make teaching and learning interesting is still the unresolved question. Language speaking, they are not native speakers. Both knowledge and language skills are in need of development.
Still go back to square one about what is physics. physics is to understand the nature and the world. Then we use physics to explain everything from tiny atoms to the planets.

Ahead of hurricane Irma, memories of past hurricanes…

September 9, 2017

September 7, 2017

September 7, 2017