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February 26, 2017 by

Ryan Wright's Underwear Model Page

Hey guys, so a few weeks back i did a shoot with Russell Fleming – http://www.russellflemingphotography.com and shot the September issue of AXN Magazine  – http://www.axn.gaynewsnetwork.com.au

Russell is amazing to work with, and such a nice guy, we shot the whole collection in Pottsville NSW,

Im so happy it worked out so well.. and I’ll post the magazine cover as soon as i get it.

but for now here are some shots from the campaign


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The woman above my office

February 26, 2017 by

What picture should I post here?


Science major in decline

February 26, 2017 by

Since when science projects are becoming less popular among today’s Young people. The major reason is that scientific mind are very hard to decode these days. Good suggests from science teacher are rare, especially in China. As educators suggest the importance of a good profile in students’ curriculum design, most great source are left empty and unstudied. It is still debatable that whether we should blame this on the educators or the students. 008

The woman above my office

February 25, 2017 by

This term a woman arrived in an unexpected time. She is named after a penny. Penny looks like Mr.T, very slim. She is more romantic than I thought although she is not my type. My type is always a bit of spicy, a bit of exotic and a lot of “Amor”. I don’t like a troublemaker or a childish type.

Today I watched another movie about a country. Sunday is always my best day. Morning Exercises keep me stronger than before. Taxation is the key idea. I like the title of the movie, “the ideal of me being a fatancy is that my life is a fantasy. 

If trump is sore winner, who is the sore loser?

February 19, 2017 by

In the middle of last year campaign, Hillary is branded as a terrible secretary state by her rivalry. Now the president is in, the cabinet members are selected. The problem us tie with Russia, the problem in North Korea and Mideast all surfaced in the first month, president trump is having a war with press, he claimed faked news by the press, denying the fact and mistage the fact. The answer is certainly that the press will become a sore loser in the future.

Popular vote and electoral college

November 28, 2016 by

popular vote is the actual vote by person. In us, however, the election is decided by electoral college. In histrory, it happened once presidential candidate won the popular vote and electoral college. That is about 156 years ago. After civil war had finished at the cost of millions people died, and republican president Lincoln was shot several days later, democract president won and gave away.

Fidel Castro,Cuban revolutionary who defied US, dies at 90

November 27, 2016 by

Fidel Castro, the fiery apostle of revolution who brought the Cold War to the Western Hemisphere in 1959 and then defied the United States for nearly half a century as Cuba’s maximum leader, bedeviling 11 American presidents and briefly pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war, died Friday. He was 90.In declining health for several years, Mr. Castro had orchestrated what he hoped would be the continuation of his Communist revolution, stepping aside in 2006 when he was felled by a serious illness. He provisionally ceded much of his power to his younger brother Raúl, now 85, and two years later formally resigned as president.He dominated his country with strength and symbolism from the day he triumphed entered Havana on jan8,1959,and completed his overthrow of Fulgencio Batista by delivering his first major speech in the capital before tens of thousands of admirers at the vanquished dictators military headquarters. A spotlight shone on him as he swaggered and spoke with passion until dawn.Finally, white doves were released to signal Cuba’s new peace. When one landed on Mr. Castro, perching on a shoulder, the crowd erupted, chanting “Fidel! Fidel!” To the war-weary Cubans gathered there and those watching on television, it was an electrifying sign that their young, bearded guerrilla leader was destined to be their savior.He wielded power like a tyrant, controlling every aspect of the island’s existence. He was Cuba’s Maximo Lider. From atop a Cuban army tank, he directed his country’s defense at bay of pigs.

Long reach to find precedent for 2016 popular vote gap In US past

November 24, 2016 by

100 years ago there was a similar situation where republican got elected president although he lost popular vote and electorate vote. This year, although Clinton did not win electorate vote, they did not make a comprise to exchange. South Carolina, Lousina and Florida was the three state. They give away the presidency in exchange of Yankees troops is out of south. Remember Lincoln is a republican.

Donald trump seems to retreat on some promise

November 24, 2016 by

Donald trump schlepped across town on Tuesday to meet with publisher of the New York Times and some editors, columnists and reporters at the paper. As the times reports, trump actually seemed to soften his positions: he seemed to indicate that he wouldn’t seek to prosecute Hillary Clinton. But he should not have said that he would do that in the first place.You don’t get a pad on the back for ratcheting down from rabid after exploiting that very radicalism to your advantage. Unrepentant opportunism belies a staggering lack of character and caring that cannot vanquish from memory.

I will say proudly and happily that I was not present at this meeting. The very idea of sitting across the table from a demagogue who preyed on racial, ethnic and religious hostilities and treating him with decorum and social grace fills me with disgust, to the point of overflowing. Let me tell you here where I stand on your “I hope we can all get along  plea: Never.

An appealing appeal

November 14, 2016 by

for the summer sonatina scholarship fund:

I hope I haven’t raised the bar too much

I’d like to repeat my appeal: let’s raise another $6525. We’ve taken in $3425 so far, in less than three days!

I hope this sponsorship doesn’t fall flat.

We know you are all too sharp to let that happen!

I believe you are all appassionataa about this scholarship fund.

Hopefully you won’t need to moonlight another job to make that possible and that this isn’t your les adieu to my whole note…